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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Jan 13 2010 Rabbits ate my Bamboo

I can't blame the little critters, the bamboo is the only green thing above the snow. Worst part of it all is I bought some tall rabbit proof fencing in October and did not put it up (not till today- closed the barn door after the cow got out, huh?)Man in the Moon was whittled just before Christmas, I wanted to practice faces. Figured he'd end up in the woodstove, but he turned out pretty good so I whittled the moon shape on a whim suggested by the shape of the scrap piece I used. Painted him gold cuz I didn't have silver and Hope let me hang him on the Christmas tree. I can't figure out if his eyes are open or closed...

Whittling vs CarvingI've seen a couple thoughts on the differences between these two, here's a conglomerate:
Whittling- knife in one hand, piece of wood in the other, make something. If the wood is clamped to the table/bench, is too big to hold or additional tools are used you are carving. If you are using power tools you are carving. Exception- it's ok to use a saw to rough out the outline before you pick up a knife.
Whittlings show the knife marks. That makes sense, it takes additional tools to remove them- sandpaper files gouges...
Whittling is about the journey, not the finished item. Its a hobby, a way to pass the time. It's not a way to make money.
Carvings are never stolen by female family members. Whittlings are footloose, and likely to roam when guests stop by.
Carving needs a place to happen- a shop, shed, room. Whittling just needs a knife and a piece of wood.
I'm a whittler.
A lot of whittlers also collect knives. We try to rationalize it- 'I need 20 backups in caseI break one' 'These all whittle a little differently' (that one actually holds water if the collection includes different blade sizes& shapes) 'I'm still looking for the perfect combination of size/shape/weight' Ask a whittler which knife is their favorite, likely the answer will be whichever they are using at the moment, or carrying in their pocket. I like the challenge of using one blade to make whatever is in my mind- not all blades will make every kind of cut you want.Some don't do detail as well as others, or don't handle large flats or rounds- that's part of the journey. How amI going to make this knife do that cut?Howdo I have to change this piece soI can make it with this knife?I currently have three different unfinished projects, whatever knife I started the project with is the knife I'll use till it's done.That's enough- I still have to do a web search for Bamboo Fed Rabbit recipes... ;)

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