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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

King Egghead

I couldn't resist writing a little more about this knife, HappyHal on the other forum made him as part of my Crazy Train Knife Project.  Before HH started he asked if I had any other hobbies besides whittling, said he would try to use the info when carving a knife for me- result is the chess themed knife here, HH calls him King Egghead and he came with a little story:
He's the meanest king on the chessboard.  If he doesn't like how things are going he will blow his stack and carve the offending piece into a pawn.
That's my kind of king.  The reference to blowing his stack refers to the fact that Egghead's head is a blade keeper.
Carve Diem- Bflo Bif

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Crazy Train Knife Project- new page of pics

Check on the right for a link to a new page, just added: Crazy Train Knife Project photos.  I have photos of all my carved knives there, thanks to all who particpated.  Many more knives due to come bin, I'll post pics there as they arrive.