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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Greetings from the frozen Shores of Lake Erie

We are having a fairly normal winter here, unlike the rest of the country. My sympathies especially to those who are cold and NOT used to it (or prepared for it)This is my latest complete whittling, a Frog pen confiscated by my wife (I'd have given it to her if she would have been more patient). Wood is Alaskan Yellow Cedar, fine grained, butter colored, with a slight scent like Aromatic Red Cedar (think moth repellent) when you cut it. Smell makes it pleasant to work on. I got a new folding knife for christmas from my daughter and used it for this. Roughly 7" tall, less than 3/4" around, the

the working pen parts were taken from a Bic Round Stick.I'd like a better quality pen part, maybe with a metal end. I wanted an easily replaceable refill, bic fits the bill. I used printer's ink to make him green, cuz that's what I had.I need to go buy some acrylics. The bottom partI burned with a propane torch and then Whittled most of the burned color back off

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