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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Couldn't Resist...

With a dozen or so knives back from my Crazy Train Knife Project I couldn't resist shirking my obligations to take some time to do a little whittling. Here's the latest:
 He's a little 3" tall Gnomish bottle stopper in basswood, finish is an experiment with tinted water based urethane.  Dry time is 30 minutes or so, clean up is soap & water- I have no issues with water base raising the grain since I do not use power tools or sandpaper.  He was fun, I'll do more- next one won't have such a flat nose.
I also did a 'commision' piece for my daughter, she asked for an elephant a while back.  Since she is old enough and has started to develop a taste for wine, I made him a bottle stopper too- just cant stand the thought of a lazy whittling sitting or standing around doing nothing when there is work to be done.  He started life as a 2 inch cube, more or less-
Whittle on-Buffalo Bif