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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Folder, finished

There is is, finished.  Honed, smoothed, mostly- scratch pattern on the bolster could be bettter, but the open blade has no play in any direction and I'm very happy with the action.  Easy to open, could have eliminated the nail nick altogether, and pretty easy to close.  Carving sharp too, and seems to hold an edge well enough.

Friday, February 23, 2018

More folder progress

Well, its together.  Pic above is just before peening the rivets, scales are rounded almost to final shape, all the spots I can't reach once it's riveted are as polished as they will ever be.

Here everything is peened and I've worked on grinding and polishing.  Spot weld marks are gone from the bolsters, the rivets are partially ground down.  Haven't touched the scales yet.

Actually ran into an O Heck moment, I made the pivot rivet too tight, it took  a while to loosen it, mostly because I was scared of making too big an adjustment.  Note to self:  need to check the blade action after every few taps when peening here.  Got a good bunch of dust in the works while roughtin out the bolsters too- few drops of oil and a few hundred open/close cycles interspersed with toothpick cleaning in the slot took care of that.  I really love the action, (sorry for the hubris)- it open nice, could do without the nail nick, good snap both to full open and full closed, no play in any direction in any position, including full open.  Blade is still only rough filed- need to take it to the diamonds and on to honing still.