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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Heating and beating

Gotten a little whittling in, more rosebuds imagine that.  Also got the house painted (partially) and spent a pile of time in the garden- well deserved time if I say so myself.  Haven't had soil under my fingernails for too many years.

Been doing a little heating and beating, forging little carving knife blades.  I made a little forge out of a juice can, mortar and perlite, fired with a propane torch, only to find out I don't need it.  The little blades I've been making to stick in wooden handles heat up more quickly directly in the torch flame. It takes longer to heat the forge, and heating the blade is not as even.

I got myself a little anvil- happy birthday to me.  Its called a stake anvil, little thing with a 2.5" square milled face.  I have two ASO's (anvil shaped objects) made of cast iron- look nice but don't function well as anvils, they are too soft.  At 15 lbs they are too heavy for paperweights or doorstops- not sure what to do with them.   I stuck the new anvil in an old newel post I saved from the destruction of my house.  I also modified a broken claw hammer I had laying around, wanted to try a gentle straight peen and figured the cheap way might be best until I figure out exactly what I want/need to make my little knives.  Hardened steel anvil and modified hammer work great, more forging and less grinding suit me just fine.  One day soon I'll step up and try forging one of my leather handled integral knives.