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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Feb 25, Weird Weather here...

The Frozen North is not so frozen this week. We are slated for up to 10" of snow over the next 48 hrs, but the temp is above 32 and what snow we have is melting and dripping off the high roof.. Sounds like rain in here as it hits the lower kitchen roof.

No real time for a proper blog today, I'm working on a pen- an octopus, commissioned by my daughter Mandy. It's been a challenge, but I'm up to refining the legs and it's getting pretty exciting, let me tell you (can you tell I do not get out much?)

Maybe I can get some pics and more up this weekend, we'll see.I found a neat article on whittling, you might enjoy,I know I did:

I got a quick look at some of the carvings, but did not get to explore the site much. Nice work.

Catch you on the flip side- BfloBif

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