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Friday, January 23, 2015

The Waxing Moon Spoon

So here's a little spoon I did for a 'love spoon' exchange with 4 others on the WCI forum.  I ended up whittling 7 to supply looky-loos who wanted one (wife & daughters).  I'll include a couple pics of the thought process involved in designing my spoon.  It's by no means a tutorial, just an example of how my mind worked.

Here's the finished spoons, set to go.  You may recognize my fridge magnet moon.  Spoons are bass, finished with water based poly, so not food safe by any means.  Since they weren't going to be food safe, I left the gouge marks in the bowl.  First real use of the gouge for me, by the way.  Lotta fun.  I glued a rare-earth magnet to the back of each to let them hang on the fridge.   They're about 2" x 6" or so, not too big for a decoration.

Started the process with a concept sketch, easy to grab the moon from the pattern I kept, quickie sketch in the forever notebook to give me an overall size.  Notes below the spoon are dimension measured from the sketch, notes to the right are about the attributes of the waxing and waning moon taken from a pagan website (see my previous post)

Never having done a spoon before I grabbed my favorite soup spoon from the kitchen drawer to help establish the curves in the handle and the bowl.

First roughouts cut, I was able to stack more than one up and make consecutive cuts in one block of wood 2" thick x 6 or so wide and long.  Had to adjust a bit for each  additional spoon to keep the grain running the length of the handle.

There you go.  Not the last spoon I'll do, that's for sure.

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