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Monday, January 26, 2015

Toolmaking again

Spent some time lately trying to get a better gouge than the one I have, the one I used making the spoons in the last entry here.  Mine is a little gouge from an inexpensive set like you might find at the local big box craft store.  The edge was ground wrong when I got it, too low and angle and the edge wore badly on one spoon.  Before I finished the last spoon I managed to get the edge in good shape. However, its a little soft and I'd like something better.  Has to be high carbon steel, hardened RC 60 or so, 1/2" wide.

Of course I want to use my own material for a handle, in this case I've picked a Tagua nut my Mom gave me years ago.  Its pretty big, 2+ inches long, and I've looked at it dozens of times over the last few years trying to come up with the perfect project.

I can find unhandled gouges, or I can find gouges made the way I want, but I can't find both.

Dammit.  I may have to learn to make a gouge.

Here's the nut I want to use- has a great organic shape, symmetrical left to right but not in any other direction.  Turns out if you remove the bark carefully you can leave some of the it in the vein pattern on the nut.  Cool, huh?  I scraped it clean, sanded through the grits to 600 then buffed with the same green compound I use for stropping.  There's a flat on the bottom, I'm thinking I'll add an ebony ferrule when I glue the blade in.  Planning on a beeswax finish.

Stay tuned.

Buffalo Bif

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