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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I'm Baaack...

Wow, almost a year has gone by since my last (successful) post.  I can partially blame for technical problems, but the truth is they corrected their issues months ago, I've been busy not whittling.

I'm still (mostly) not whittling. 

I did get a request for a dozen beginners knives from a friend who teaches, the parameters were good blades, simple walnut handles, medium size Wharncliffe blade made from a Personna floor scraper blade.  Faced with keeping costs down, I finally motorized my honing and stropping processes.

Shoulda done that sooner.  Saved me hours on those 12 knives.

Mechanizing also provided a new learning curve.  In the interest of getting over the curve as quickly as possible, I posted to the WCI forum offering to send 2 Personna knives to anyone who wanted one- both would have 1.25" square Basswood blanks for handles, the recipient was to carve two knife handles and return one to me.  I figured Id end up with another dozen knives to make, and would work the kinks out of my improved process toot sweet.  In addition I'd get an awesome collection of unique knives- I seem to have trouble making any for myself, thought this win-win situation would round out my tool bag.

So far 33 people have signed up- that's 66 knives.  I'm gonna need a bigger shadow box.  Pic shows three steps- blades & blanks separate, blades glued in but not sharpened, knives with rubber corks on the ends are ready to ship.  I'll post pics here and on the WCI forum as carved knives come back.

Happy whittling- it's good to be back

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