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Friday, September 21, 2012

Crazy Train Knives

Title of this entry comes from the fact that the knife project I initiated on the WCI forum tried to get out of control.  It certainly jumped out of the station faster than I predicted. 

The first knife came back, carved in Mississippi.  DADDIO did a fine job, I'm proud to own this knife and looking forward to making some chips with it

Thank you Mike.


  1. Hey BfloBif........You have awesome knives....I'd love to own one.....Do you have a price point list?.......I have bee carving about 2 months, but i would love to get in on the "Blank Knife" deal if it's still going down. You have great ideas my friend. Look forward to hearing from you!!

    Ken - Concord, NC

  2. HI Ken. Sorry for the delay geting back to you, hope you check in to see this. I'll drop you a quick email on the knife trade project.