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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Holiday Chips

No dip for these chips, Dog is the only one who will eat them.  Got to sit down and make a few today, finally started the little gifts I have in mind for Christmas.  In general, I prefer Christmas wait politely for Thanksgiving to have it's day, but I found some time and some wood and my latest favorite knife- I love it when they all come together.

To all the whittlers out there, may your blessings be as plentiful as your chips.  May your knives be sharp, your Bass straight grained, and your thumbs out of the way.

I don't post pics of things 'in progress', I prefer to wait till a thing is done to show whoever cares to look.  For me, items in progress can be hard to identify.....  I've stepped outside my comfort zone with the current whittling, I've started over 3 times now and the next time I pick up a knife I'll start again.   Sometimes I can think about a project and know right where to start, sometimes I need to make extra 'blessings' before I figure things out.  One of the advantages of working on little things, I guess- do overs don't cost much.   Perhaps the 4th time will be the charm.  I might be a little further ahead, but on the second try I grabbed a piece of Maple instead of Bass.  Surprisingly, my knife held up fairly well- unlike my thumb.

I've read on the WCI forum that some folks model their work in clay before starting to carve, I can see some positive points to that.  I'd have to start with a square(ish) block I guess, perhaps I should give that a try.

Stay safe, my friends-


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