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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Holidays are approaching fast

Here's my project for the year- (at least they don't have to worry about melting!)

They're a little less than 2" tall, plus or minus, half inch thick and inch and change wide.  They come out of scrap, I love to find uses for scrap.  Flat on the back they have a little rare earth magnet glued on so they can hang around the fridge. ( where else would little fatties like these hang out?)  did a couple last year, without mittens, the arms I drew on looked pretty lame.  Mittens are better.  One of my forum-buddies suggested a method of painting on coal-eyes etc, I'll give that a try next.  they're getting snatched up pretty quick. 

Little larger and 3-D would make a nice bottle stopper I think...

Basswood, of course.  Paint is acrylics mixed with water base polyurethane, roughly equal amounts.  I keep painting it on continuously until it stops soaking in and all surfaces start to shine.  One shot, color and urethane protection combined- I have some bottle stoppers we use regularly painted this way with no signs of wear in a year, anyway.  They hold up to a quick rinse under the faucet and pat dry immediately.

I took a walk on the simple side with these guys- no bandsaw, no sawing the outline.  Grabbed a coping saw and cut little pieces off the blank at the same angle as the top of the hat- wanted to minimize whittling end grain- the rest was done with my trusty knife.  You can do it too.  Give it a try.

With the holidays ramping up and work on the house ramping down, I'm hoping I can find some extra time to whittle.

Whittle on my friends- chips wont make themselves.


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