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Monday, July 15, 2013

Gremlin in my pocket

Not the greatest pic, but he keeps moving....

This little guy was trapped in a 1x1x1.5 inch block of basswood, the design in not my own- Wood Carving Illustrated mag had a step-by-step in the summer 2013 issue, I had to give it a try.  he was a lot of fun; the top of the helmet and the top inside of the ears presented some challenges- lot of end grain in there.  Nifty tip in the mag, cut a blank that will let you make at least two- carve the first then turn him upside down and use him as a handle to carve the second.  Think I'll put a saw kerf in between the ears and hat on the next to help myself out a little there.

That's a clothes pin he's sitting on, though technically he has no butt to sit on (or arms, legs, eyes...)
He's just come out of a 15+ minute bath in tung oil, I'll give him a day to cure then a coat of beeswax. 

Whittle on- BfloBif

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