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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Off shoot of the Crazy Train Knife Project

In the middle of the insanity of my knife trade project, I got a surprise package- one of the forum members who was not part of the trade sent a carved handle with a slot machined in the base but no blade.  Cool, I have some experiments in mind anyway.  Tom has carved knives and posted them to WCI in the past, seeing his work is part of what got me started on the trade to begin with.

So here's a pic of his handle, I've fitted a piece of file to the socket.  I'll end up taking at least a half inch off the end, as it sits it is much too long a blade for my tastes.

Here's the list of things I'll try with this knife:
          Fully anneal the file in order to saw the blank
          13 degree bevel, have not tried that with a file knife yet
          Back of the blade thick as13 deg bevel allows ( I like to push on the back w/ left thumb)
          Heat treat blade

Stay Tuned

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