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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

For our Friends in Japan

The WoodcarvingIllustrated forum has started a project to support the Red Cross efforts in Japan's recovery from the recent tsunami. Nearly 100 crafters- wood burners, jigsawyers and carvers are donating time and effort to create 4" squares which will be arranged into a 'quilt' style wall hanging to be auctioned off in June. Other than the 4" square the only restriction is squares must be 3/8" to 1/2" thick at the edges, and the hole pattern in the corners is spec'd- 1/8" holes 3/8" off each edge. I'll send two, others are also sending multiples, expectations are over 100 squares divided into 3 wall hangings.

Both my pieces will be based on the Japanese puzzle game of Tangrams: the same seven polygons are used to create both. You might be interested to Google 'Tangrams' and play your self.

The pic is of the unfinished square, block was 1" thick, so the high part of the palm stands a little less than half an inch above the background. I undercut the leaves and top of the trunk to try and enhance the 3rd dimension- the shadows work, I think. I took some liberties with the shapes, curved the edges, rounded over a corner or two- and one triangle got severely modified when I wasn't looking.

The second square- still a Work in Progress. Stay tuned.


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