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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

This Little Piggy...

Is the first I've done, and another commission.
My daughter asked for one, since she pretty much never asks, she got it. He's basswood, 2"x3"x3-1/2" more or less. She picked the color scheme, tho she did not pic purple spots. They started brown, I used acrylics and mixed red & green till they looked like a real nice brown on my salad plate. When I put them on the wood they turned reddish, and when I covered them with Walnut Minwax stain they turned purple. She laughed when she saw it, so I left it like it is.
In my last post I showed you a Santa by Eric Oswandel and wrote about the way he created
detail without removing as much wood as most
of us do. I tried to imitate, with p
artial success I think. The idea is to cut deep to accentuate the relation between body parts. My interpretation was to cut deep vees to outline the back leg, separate the front leg from the head, etc but keep it simple.
Piggy has a couple other firsts for me too- first time I tried to turn a figure's head, new style of eyes for me too. I like the eyes, the head worked out pretty well too. Overall I like him- it appeals to my preference for simple pieces.
Like most new things I do, I look forward to improving on it in future pieces.
Happy Whittling-

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