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Saturday, October 16, 2010

SShhhh, its a secret...

Hey, I know I haven't posted much lately, except for Roman the Wayward gnome and his travels. I've been trying to expand my Oline Presence, and have uploaded the reindeer tutorial to another site, and added a set of links on the right hand side. I have two more tutorials in mind at the moment, so check back occassionally to see what is happening. I'll do the rose I use as a bottle stopper and a project I'm working on currently that is a SECRET. I'm whittling ornaments for the WCI ornament exchange, and we're not supposed to post pics before we deliver. I have 18 ornies to do, five are (essentially) done, so it'll be a while. Rest assured I haven't stopped whittling, I just stopped blogging about it for a minute or two.

The bottle stoppers I make have generated some interest, I have planned a blog about them in general, that is due soon. With the weather changing I'll be spending more and more time indoors, and should have time and energy for a little more work here at

Meantime, let the chips fly and keep your fingers out of the way.



  1. How do you access the tutorials. Your links at the right do not seem to work. Just wondering.

  2. Sorry about that Doug, I should have checked them before publishing. I've corrected my Rookie Mistake, and the links are working now. Thanks for letting me know.