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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Rosebud Bottle Stopper

I've been planning this one for a while, maybe that is why it took so little time to do. Like all my whittlings, I tend to start and stop over the course of the project, but I figure this little one got done in less than an hour.

It's Paulownia wood, I think its' interesting how the grain of the wood shows through the paint (really a wash coat, acrylic temper paints). I counterbored the bottom so the leaves of the calyx will hang down over the mouth of the bottle a little.

My vision was to imitate/emulate a glass or crystal faceted rose, I came close but did not quite pull it off this time. I'll try again, and i think I'll come closer next time.

I took the unpainted pic in case I screwed up the paint job BTW. Once the paint is fully dry I will give it a long soak in Minwax Wood Hardener, I think it does a superior job of penetrating, sealing, and waterproofing the wood. I hope it does not make the colors run.......

Why isn't it red? Yellow is the Rose of Eternal Love, according to one chart I saw early on in my married life. I've been giving my wife a yellow rose on our anniversary ever since.

Let the chips fly, and Happy Whittling- BfloBif

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