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Friday, July 30, 2010

New knife, first wooden handle

I finished my first wooden handled knife last week, and have been itching to post pics here, but wanted to wait until the new owner saw it first. It was a commision, the blade design and wood for the handle were provided by the new owner, who allowed me to design the handle. I chose to keep the ball shaped end to the handle, a feature of my leather wrapped knives and sort of a signature for me. Neither of us is sure of the wood species, I suspect it is one of the -cote's, either ziricote or bocote.

I had fun making the knife, shaping the handle, working with wood was an interesting break from my leather wrapped 'normals'. There's more to finishing the metal in a wood handled knife, grinding the sides flat so I had a good glue surface under the wood scales, and finishing the edges- all those parts are hidden by the wrapped handle.
Pics are of the knife in it's unfinished state, the new owner wanted to do the finishing himself. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished pics.
So its a first for me, but not the last- I'll do more wood handles. I already have the next one planned and sketched....
So let the chips fly, and Hapy Whittling,


  1. First looks good. I've tried making a couple but never been happy with their performance. More interesting to me is the woods you mention, never even heard of them. Here in Scotland we've a small selection of local species, thank God for limewood. Long may your area enjoy its diversity of woods.

  2. Thanks John. If I'm right about the species, its a tropical import. Stuff is expensive, you only find small pieces, good for knife handles or jewelry or similar.